Hidden DNSSEC Test

Add the following HTML snippet to your webpage to include our hidden DNSSEC test. The two URLs redirect (HTTP 302) to transparent 1px PNG images, each 70 bytes (plus HTTP headers).

<!-- DNSSEC test -->
<img src="//www.verteiltesysteme.net/r/a" alt="" height="1" width="1" />
<img src="//www.verteiltesysteme.net/r/b" alt="" height="1" width="1" onerror="this.style.visibility='hidden';" />

The above will work fine on both, HTTP and HTTPS sites. The onerror event avoids rendering of a broken image box, but only after the resource has been attempted to load.

Privacy note: we will see the client IP addresses accessing your website, the HTTP referer and user agent. We will not publish raw logs or personal information. When we prepare data for publication, we will replace client IP addresses with IP blocks from public network databases (e.g. becomes

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